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Athabasca University

HRM Graduate Diploma Courses

All graduate level HRM courses are offered in online distance format utilizing discussion boards and other interactive techniques. All courses have full-time Instructor support.

Course List

Graduate courses include:

Undergraduate Foundational Courses

Graduate Diploma students must also demonstrate competence in the topics covered in:

Please see the list of Certificate courses for details. Competence in these subjects can be demonstrated in one of three ways:

  • taking the Undergraduate Certificate courses
  • having transcripts assessed by the HRM Program Director to receive Competency through prior undergrad courses

Note that these undergraduate courses are not prerequisites for admission to the graduate HRM program; they are only a prerequisite to graduation with the Diploma. Thus, students may take the undergraduate courses while enrolled in the graduate-level core courses.

Course Methodology

All HRM graduate courses (except the practicum- HERM 691 and HERM 512) are delivered by grouped-study mode for the September and January semesters, while all undergraduate foundational courses are offered in an individualized-study format.

Course Registration Procedures

Registration requests must be received by the CIS Office at least one month prior to the requested start date. Note that all graduate courses have limited enrolments.

Undergraduate courses begin the first day of every month, on a year-round basis. Registration requests must be received by the CIS Office at least one month prior to the requested start date.

Students are expected to use computer-mediated communications for:

  • instructor-student and student-to-student interaction in computer conferences
  • electronic mail, both within and outside of the course structure
  • file transfer or file attachment of assignments
  • feedback between instructor and students or between students on joint projects
  • accessing electronic databases (e.g., AU Library search) and web resources
  • accessing course material that is provided in an online format

Course Re-Registration

No discounts on registration fees are available for course re-registrations.

In order to carry forward any completed coursework, you must first obtain written approval from the course professor/course coordinator. Approval to carry forward completed coursework is at the discretion of the course professor/coordinator. To carry the results forward, you must re-register in the course within one year from the course contract end date of your original registration.

Maximum Course Load

The maximum number of courses a program student may take is two at a time. Taking more than two courses at a time would require special approval. Be sure to review the course extensions and course withdrawals policies.

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