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Scholarships and Awards for HRM Graduate Students

Alberta Historical Resources Foundation Awards, specific to the HRM program

The Heritage Resources Management Program is proud to offer our students excellent award and scholarship opportunities, thanks to generous support from one of our key partners, the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation (AHRF)

Graduate HRM students are eligible for the following awards and scholarships:

Note that students are automatically granted course awards based on performance in HRM courses. However, for the AHRF Travel Awards students must submit applications to the Student Awards Office.

Note: Undergraduate students are eligible for other AHRF awards; see the HRM undergraduate scholarship list for details.

Other Athabasca University Award Opportunities for Graduate HRM Students

There are many more Athabasca University scholarships and awards that are available to HRM students. A complete list it available on the Student Awards Office website.

HRM graduate students should review all awards listed on the Awards Office site, but since the list is long and complex, we recommend the following selection of undergraduate awards as starting points for students interested in applying for awards or bursaries:

AU Graduate Student Scholarship
AU Award for a Mature Graduate Student
AU Career Advancement Award

Students may also wish to review our list of available bursaries.

Athabasca University Graduate Student Research Funds

External Scholarships

Note: The HRM Office does not process the following funding applications. If you have questions regarding any of the awards listed below, you are encouraged to contact the specific funding agency.

Alberta Museums Association Financial Support for HRM Students

Students in the Heritage Resources Management program who are members of the Alberta Museums Association are also eligible to apply to the Alberta Museums Association for financial support to take courses. Individual and Institutional Members of the Alberta Museums Association can apply to the Association to access professional development grants from the Association to assist with the costs of the Heritage Resources Management Program.

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