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Athabasca University

Grading System for GD-HRM Students

Graduate Grading System

Athabasca University Graduate Programs use the following standardized conversion grading scale.

A+  95-100% 4.0
90-94% 4.0
A- 85-89% 3.7
B+ 80-84% 3.3
B 75-79% 3.0
B- 70-74% 2.7
C+ 66-69% 2.3
C 63-65% 2.0
C- 60-62% 1.7
F 0-59% 0.0

Undergraduate Grading System

For graduate students taking additional undergraduate courses to meet our minimum foundational competency requirements, please note that undergraduate courses follow a different grading scale.

Additional Information

If you have questions about the grading scale, consult the Graduate Grading Policy.

Updated August 03 2021 by Student & Academic Services

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