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HRM Graduate Diploma Program


A graduate degree is required for admission to the Graduate Diploma (GD-HRM). Students must complete five GD-HRM Diploma courses, which total18 credits (four courses worth 3 credits each plus a 6 credit Practicum). The Practicum requires 400 hours of work. All courses are offered in online distance format utilizing discussion boards and other interactive techniques. All courses have full-time Instructor support.

GD-HRM students must also demonstrate competence in the topics covered in HERM 322 (Collections), HERM 327 (Heritage Policy), HERM 339 (Conservation), and Philosophy 334 (Ethics and Heritage). See the list of undergraduate HRM courses for details. Competence in these subjects can be demonstrated in the following ways:

  • taking the Undergraduate Certificate courses
  • having transcripts assessed by the HRM Program Director to receive Competency through prior undergrad courses

In special cases, a number of short courses taken from professional associations, colleges, or other agencies may be “bundled” as equivalents to one of the four areas of competency. (See above) Evidence of the scope and content of such works and proof of its successful completion must be provided. Such transfers may be accepted by the Program Director on a “one-off” basis only and are at the Program Director’s sole discretion, or, if applicable, the Heritage Resources Management Steering Committee. There are no appeals of decisions regarding such transfers. Such “bundling” of credits for Graduate Diploma courses will not be accepted.

Program Requirements

Total credits in program
(12 of these credits must be completed with AU including HERM 691)
18 credits

Core Courses

HERM 501 - Issues in Heritage Resources Management 3 credits
HERM 512 - Advanced Methods in Heritage Research 3 credits
HERM 691 - Heritage Diploma Practicum6 credits

Electives (6 credits)

HERM 542 - Issues in Planning Historic Places3 credits
HERM 561 - Advanced Issues in Interpretive Programming3 credits
HERM 670 - Industrial Heritage3 credits
HERM 671 - Documentation and Condition Assessment3 credits
HERM 672 - Heritage and Risk Management 3 credits
HERM 673 - Architectural Conservation3 credits

Undergraduate Foundational Courses

(Graduate Diploma graduate students MAY be required to take some or all of these courses depending on previous academic and professional experience in the heritage field.)

HERM 322 - Heritage Collections3 credits
HERM 327 - Heritage Policy in Canada3 credits
HERM 339 - Conservation3 credits
PHIL 334 - Professional Ethics in Heritage Resources Management3 credits

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