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Fall Semester Graduate HERM Classes Open for Registration, Deadline Aug. 1st

July 20, 2021

Athabasca University’s fall semester graduate classes are now open for general registration to all students and prospective students holding an undergraduate degree. Upcoming classes include HERM 542 and HERM 673 in paced form, and HERM 512 in unpaced continuous enrolment format. Details are as follows:

HERM 542: Issues in Planning Historic Places: This course is a detailed examination of planning options and approaches for historic places. Students will gain advanced skills in managing and structuring planning efforts for a variety of types of circumstances; learn how to define appropriate use for buildings, landscapes, and other resources in terms of broader preservation, economic, social, and interpretative needs; and learn how the planning of historic places is shaped by broader cultural and economic contexts and the existing built environment.

HERM 673: Architectural Conservation: This course will provide an overview of history and theory of conservation movement including main theorists, historical and philosophical development, current charters, and conceptual frameworks at international, national, provincial and local levels. The course will explore a range of subjects and issues that affect contemporary heritage conservation practices. It will also discuss the relationships between architectural and environmental elements and their impacts on each other. HERM 673 offers an overview of technology and related strategies in the conservation of historic buildings including associated and topical technical issues in conservation (sustainability, management, maintenance). It will also discuss different concepts and key approaches currently used in built heritage conservation as well various techniques for intervention, including restoration, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use.

HERM 512: Advanced Methods in Heritage Research: This course provides advanced skills in applying heritage resource management research methodologies through readings, discussion and applied projects. Students concentrate on archival and library research, oral history research, and research using material culture. Students gain analytical and practical skills in using these types of sources as part of developing and applying a research strategy. Formal skills in writing, planning, structuring, and referencing written reports will be dealt with throughout the course.

Note that the registration deadline for HERM 542 and 673 is on August 1st and classes run Sept 7th to Dec 17th. HERM 512 is open for continuous enrollment and may be started any month throughout the year. Graduate students may register through their AU student portal for all classes.

For further details, please see our graduate program page or contact our office.

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