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Athabasca University

Undergraduate Certificate Program

The Heritage Resources Management undergraduate University Certificate (UC-HRM) program is designed for students who do not already hold an undergraduate degree, and who desire a solid foundation in both general theory and established practice. The courses are all delivered in an self-paced distance format, so students can participate in the courses and program starting any month through the year and from anywhere in the world, while providing a very flexible academic schedule.

The courses provide practical knowledge and a comprehensive exposure to important issues and trends in the heritage field, from the management and maintenance of exhibits to the heritage policies of various Canadian governments. Students are introduced to planning, and are provided with a basis for making ethical decisions.

In the final part of the program, students are given the opportunity to implement their new knowledge and understanding in a mandatory practicum that can be tailored to the student's interests and experience. The practicum tests and strengthens their abilities while providing a meaningful demonstration of skills for potential employers.

While the UC-HRM is valuable as a stand-alone professional credential, students may also ladder their studies in HRM into a full university degree. For undergraduate students, the 30 credits credits earned in the Undergraduate Certificate (University Certificate) program may be applied to a full undergraduate degree at Athabasca University. For details, see this page: Laddering UC-HRM to Degree Policy

To help facilitate student participation in the UC-HRM, we offer a number of funding opportunities through scholarships. Further information is available on the scholarships page. AU also supports students with financial aid solutions, detailed here.

A Note on Nomenclature:

The undergraduate credential offered in the Heritage Resources Management is properly called a University Certificate (UC-HRM). However, for the purposes of clarity and also to better distinguish this program from our graduate-level Post-Baccalaureate Diploma, we generally refer to the UC-HRM simply as the Undergraduate Certificate. Students should note, however, that the credential they will earn will be a University Certificate, and this terminology will be used on the final Certificate parchment.

Getting Started

Students new to Athabasca University must first register by using the
AU Starter Kit.

For students that already have an Athabasca University ID number, simply follow the directions at the student information portal MyAU ( to either take one class, or to register in the UC-HRM program.

Students are classified on application as “direct entry” (those without credits from elsewhere that are being transferred to Athabasca University) and “transfer” students (those with credits from elsewhere). See the details of AU transfer credit policy.

As well, several of our undergraduate courses are available to challenge for credit. Specific information is available on each of the course syllabi links below. Students who come to the program with significant professional experience in one or more of the areas covered by our courses may wish to pursue the challenge-for-credit option.

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