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Undergraduate Certificate Application Procedures

The Heritage Resources Management Undergraduate Certificate (UC-HRM) program is designed for students who do not already hold an undergraduate degree. If you already hold a degree in any area, we strongly recommend that you instead consider applying for our Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in HRM.

Prospective Heritage Resources Management Undergraduate Certificate Students normally apply for the program using Athabasca University's online application system. There are two processes for applying, depending on whether a student has previously been enrolled at Athabasca University:

Online process for new students to Athabasca University: If you have never been a student with Athabasca University, proceed to the Athabasca University Starter Kit, select "undergraduate program" and follow the links accordingly. Alternately, go directly to the Undergraduate General Application Form.

Online process for students with an Athabasca University Student ID Number: If you already have an Athabasca University Student Identification Number, login to MyAU and then complete the Undergraduate Application form for the HRM program.

Obtain Credit for Previous Academic Work:

If you have completed courses or programs at other post-secondary institutions, have your previous work evaluated to see whether you can receive transfer credit toward your HRM Certificate. The steps are:

  1. Indicate on your application form that you wish to have an evaluation.
  2. Arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to AU by the other post-secondary institution(s) at which you have studied.
  3. Pay the $100 evaluation fee.

Student ID and MyAU Access

Your MyAU login name is your AU 7-digit Student ID number. If you cannot remember your student ID number, contact the HRM Office for assistance. Your password is automatically set as your birth date (YYYYMMDD). If you have previously logged in to the portal, to the online Registry services, or to get a T2202, you were required to change your password. In this case, use the new password you have chosen. Should you have problems logging in to MyAU, contact the HRM Office at

If you are not able to access the online registration system, contact the HRM office for paper-based application materials.

Once the HRM office has received the program application and fee, you will be placed in a pre-admission category, at which time the HRM office will contact you by email and explain procedures necessary to finalize the application. Particularly, students are asked to confirm that they do not already hold an undergraduate degree credential, and also to provide a brief statement acknowledging that they are aware of the requirement to complete a practicum at the end of the program, and if possible to outline possible practicum placement opportunities. Students may register and begin classes while in the pre-admission category. Once student responses are received and approved by the HRM office, the application process is completed and students are granted full program status.

  • English Proficiency Recommendations
    In keeping with Athabasca University's open admissions policy, anyone over 16 years of age seeking admission can enrol in the Certificate program. However, students not proficient in English may wish to complete our online English Language Assessment test here to determine whether the HRM program will be unduly challenging without further English language training. The test is free and takes no more than two hours to complete, and it can be a useful tool for students to assess the level of English as a second language (ESL) training they require to successfully complete the UC-HRM. Athabasca University has a number of intermediate ESL courses that may be of benefit to students requiring additional training, such as ENGL 140, 143, 146, or 149. For more information contact the English Language and Writing Skills department.

Change of Address/Contact Information

Students are required to keep their contact information current. To change your contact information with AU, log into MyAU and update your student information. The CIS Office will receive an email message with your updated information.

Updated November 04 2021 by Student & Academic Services

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