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Heritage Resources Management Undergraduate Certificate Program

The Heritage Resources Management Undergraduate Certificate (HRM-UC) policies follow the general Athabasca University undergraduate policies listed in the main AU Calendar.

Policies Specific to the HRM Undergraduate Certificate

The HRM Undergraduate Certificate Calendar Page lists specific requirements of the Certificate program.

All other undergraduate policy is general to all undergraduate programs at AU.

General AU Policies Relevant to HRM Undergraduate Certificate Students

The policies listed here are applicable to all undergraduate HRM students. It is your responsibility to read and familiarize yourself with the HRM policies as they may differ from policies for other AU programs.

Questions regarding the content of a particular policy should be directed to the HRM Office. If you cannot find a particular policy, contact the HRM Student Services Coordinator for assistance.

Undergraduate Calendar Policy Site Map

Please see the following link for a definitive list of all AU undergraduate student policies:

Calendar Contents/Sitemap

University Certificate Regulations

AU Calendar Regulations: University Certificates

Policy Highlights From the AU Calendar

The following list provides a summary of some of the most useful links from the main calendar sitemap (link noted above).

Also please note that to expedite student searches for policy-specific information, the links below all lead directly to general policy information on the AU Calendar. Further information on each topic below may be found in the corresponding sections on the HRM website, accessible through the navigation menu at the top left corner of this webpage.

Admission Policies

General Program Policies

Course Policies

Code of Conduct Policies

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