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Athabasca University

Undergraduate Grading System

The Heritage Resources Management Undergraduate Certificate (UC-HRM) uses the province-wide alpha/4.0 grading system to report undergraduate final grades.

For individual courses, the alpha scale uses letter grades ranging from A+ through F to reflect a student's performance and knowledge of the materials covered. Overall academic performance is reported using the 4.0 grade-point average (GPA) scale. A grade point is a value between 0 and 4.00 that is assigned to a grade (alpha or percentage). The grade-point average is a weighted average of all the courses a student has taken with Athabasca University.

Passing Grade, Undergraduate

The passing grade for UC-HRM undergraduate courses is 50 percent unless stipulated otherwise in the course outline/syllabus. All required assignments and course work must be completed and submitted on or before your contract end date.

Refer to our online Calendar for details.

Updated August 03 2021 by Student & Academic Services

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