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Undergraduate Program Status

Undergraduate Program students are enrolled in any of the undergraduate degrees, diplomas, or certificates offered by Athabasca University. Students who change from the unclassified/visiting to a program category such as Heritage Resources Management may use credits earned while in the unclassified category provided the course(s) meets the program requirements, including any restrictions on the age of a course, if applicable.

A definitive list of all undergraduate student categories, their definitions, and registration procedures, is provided in the main AU Calendar under section 6.5, Admission Classifications

The following paragraphs provide an abbreviated summary of the information on the calendar pages:

Active Students

Active students are currently registered in an Athabasca University course or they have completed or withdrawn from an AU course within the last 12 months. Students who complete courses on a Letter of Permission from Athabasca University also retain their active status.

Students who are inactive in their studies for the 12-month period may be contacted by the CIS Office for an update on their progress. Students who have been inactive for more than 12 months, and who have not updated their status with the HRM program nor consulted with the HRM Student Services Coordinator, will be withdrawn from the program automatically.

Inactive Students

Inactive students are those who have not registered in an Athabasca University course within 12 months of the most recent course contract end date or the date of withdrawal from their last Athabasca University course. If you complete courses at other institutions without first obtaining a Letter of Permission from Athabasca University, you may be designated inactive and forfeit your enrolment status, and risk not receiving credit for the course.

To re-enrol and before you continue to take courses, you must complete and submit a new Undergraduate General Application Form or access myAU, and follow the “reactivation” procedure.

You are required to fulfill the program regulations in effect at the time of your re-enrolment. You will also require a new evaluation of your previous post-secondary course work. A fee is required for this service if it wasn't submitted previously.

Student Financial Aid Definition of a Full Time Student

Any student who is receiving Student Financial Aid should review the Student Finance Funding Criteria.

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